Soul Controllers

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We are individuals without a sign of control
Somebody's watching us constantly
Taking back the virtues forgotten long ago
To put death's blow to our mentality

[Chorus 2]
There's a chance to avoid danger
So unavoidable 'cause its hiding
In deepest parts of our consciousness
Where Soul Controllers are residing

[Chorus 3]
Evil thoughts mess with my head
Living deep inside of me
Thinking my enemy has fled
I cannot do anything to be

Opposing throughout my life was useless
Realized that my resistance was senseless

Vastly underestimated race
Observing our human ways
Showing the wrong direction for turning back
An discover our weak point - to attack

Keeping an independent point of view
Living in deep seclusion
Waiting for a good moment to
Accept the other side's intrusion

[Repeat chorus]
[Repeat chorus 2]
[Repeat chorus 3]

Writer/s: Sceptic