Manic Movement

Soulshriek (Despair, My Bride)

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The house once filled with laughter and delight
home to shrill nothingness
now hear the wind pound the doors
she screams the peaks,
my sneering wedding choir

but a far greater force lies inside
has come to claim her wedding night
restless, she roams the upstairs rooms
and screams the breathing walls

her draging footsteps from the staircase
the bloodchilling rustle of her gowns, as she comes close
save sanity in a little box in my head
her icy fingers touching the nape of my neck

she has come to claim her wedding night
demanding what's hers, my righteous bride
her shape plunges me into dismay
still with her I must lay
for I am the enthralled numbed by the sight of her
It's been a while where black roses bloom
it's been a while where happiness mourns

I sink into her embrace, her maddening whispers,
her nails diggin' my skin reentering stigma,
with ashen lips and coarse tongue
she feeds from the old wounds
and she'll take me to a moonless heaven,
into the weary night
for she shrieks my soul with
those empty sockets of despair,
my righteous bride

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