Spiritual Creator

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Hey you standing inside me
How can't you hear me?
What's made you so angry?
You're poisoning me like this
I'm looking at wounds on my flesh
(on my flesh)
I feel suffering inside me
But it means nothing to me
I don't see efficacy for you
You'll never be free from what has made you this

You let me
(i won't let you free)
What's torturing me for a century

I know my soul would be dead sooner than my flesh
But then i won't be lonelier than now
I know i'm adding nothing to nothing

My friend i don't know how i'm not afraid
Of looking at evil's eyes guess i've seen
I've seen it in the mirror, a thousand times

Let me free
Let me forget
Let me free you, from inside me

Now, you'll see how it was meant to be
Let me free you from inside me
Let me free you from inside me

Million years, i'm falling
All these years, i'm shouting

I know you'll let me down going
So, at this moment of clarity
At this moment of contiguity
Don't forget me
Do not let me free

Writer/s: F. Khosroshahian