Spiritually Tormented

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I remember the day - it came to me at last
In the liquid memories displayed by my past
Past filled with fears - endless pain and suffering
Feelings I cannot recall, even the smallest thing

I saw this once, before it started to grow inside of me
I didn't change yet - spiritually
I saw this again, just after it finished with me
I'm not the same man - mentally

[Chorus 2]
My spirit bleeds tormented by negatives of mind
It's because I was always like those who weren't in sight
Like all those who I hated - their false intimacy
And all those faces I've never wanted to see

Like from behind the mist, retrospective place
Is changing my soul without sign of a trace
Chase after elements of gained experience
To devastate spirits we lived our lives with

[Repeat chorus]
[Repeat chorus 2]

Writer/s: Sceptic