Airged L'amh

Splendor Divine

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Dazzling battalions move across the white dew three separate smaller squares multiplying
Leaders of three raging groups standing in the center fires gashing out of hills Balor is waiting
Evil and darkness I feel hung in the air pounding in everyone's heart all creatures hiding
Endless destruction I fear Battle of Moy-Tura suffer the testing of time shadows of worm-god

Help me put an end to this slaughter I cry out to you for the shake of our youth
Sword of light shall I bear to the last of my breath through the eye of the Balor I stare
Sword of light shall I bear to the last of my breath the decision is mine now to take

As I watched I saw the shadow grouching closer crimson light infused his silver arm
And gave him magic strength
All the splendor of his father God of shining glows eternal Balor's demon God awaited
Him to take his life away

To destroy the demon's an obscene reality for the demon's changed it's shape and living form
Though I know that there's no hope for me him to defeat may the hearts of my people
Enlightened in their homeland

Writer/s: Airged L'amh