Marc Almond

Split Lip

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Split lip
It seems you need another
Split lip
Shut you mouth
Your noisy mouth
Before i put a fist in it
Face hit
Split lip
You talk and talk and talk
But its all mouth
And no hands at all
Just jealousy at its darkest green
Destroying all your picture dreams
Split lip

Keep your cool
In the bad school
Pieces of flotsam and jetsam
Backlash hit me
And all the rest of them
Split lip
I'd like to be the one
That teaches you a lesson
You deserve
You haven't heard
Split lip!
C'mon and hit me!
Gimme a split lip

Split lip
I'll shoot you from the hip
Split lip
I'll strike you down
When you're not looking
Split lip

So they say
"forgive, forget"
Forget what?
Forget me not
But it's more fun
To hit back
With a split lip
Pieces of flotsam and jetsam
And all the ragged rest of them
Split lip
And it seems sick lie
My devotion
You and i , emotion
Oh try to kiss me kill me
Kiss me kill me
I'll shoot you from the hip
{suck on this}

Blood drenched
Seed choked
Muscle wrenched out
Slit slipped
Knuckle wrapped
Fist fried

Slit slipped
Cracked whip
Low slung
Thigh torn
Heart bled
Raw red
Heat horn

Repeat verse