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Your breath is getting short
You feel the impulse
To turn around
You don't want to vanish
Uncontrollable sadness dominates your mood
You want to see it all with your own eyes
You don't want to vanish

You're so afraid
Scraping your hands with soap
Another seizure
You're afraid
To disappear

A million hands are touching you
A million eyes are watching
A million noses smelling you
A million ears are listening to you

You feel that someone's following you
The air seems sticky and thick like glue
You're swinging around in anxiety
Fearing you might disappear
You're afraid that someone will touch you
You can't believe this nightmare is true
You're experiencing a seizure
Fearing you might disappear

This black day has come again
Everything's a mess
All is dead in your head
No one will see a thing
When you disappear
You are feeling down

Sometimes it disappears
And life seems less austere
No need to turn around
Your life seems less austere
You're not afraid

Writer/s: Stefan Maciejewski Clarinet Band