Six By Seven

Spy Song

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Tell me you will,
Tell me you won't,
Tell me there's a freight train pulling a load
Inside your hollow head

Tell me a lie,
Kiss me goodbye,
Kiss me on the lips then kiss me all the way,
All the way down below -
And make it slow.

I love your disguise,
I love your blue eyes,
I love you in the morning,
I love you in the morning,
I'm lovin' you all the way

Everything's a cheap laugh,
Everything's a cheap laugh,
No fun drinkless, drugless,
Happy emptiness

Well maybe I love you?

Sell me a life
On the end of a knife,
On the end of a knife
Another boy's life
In the heatwave of a crimewave

As the life of a spy
You're wondering why
You got to do or die
Die to do whatever I tell you to

Tell me everything
Everything you can,
I can see through a wall with a poison pen,
'See you on the other side'

Like a spy I can lie
I can lie with the best
I can change like a beat
In a band that could never play

Writer/s: Six by Seven / Trevor Curwen

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