Stand up

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Intro:Arise dem...J.O.B you know its Aidonia,Yow Redhills Road,March out 1,2 left,right,mek sure yuh have the tek right ,drive by through window it set right..BWOOOYYY!!!!!!

Stand up to Dessert Eagle whey illegal
If yuh tink yuh hard fi kill like Steven Siegal
Study King Fu,Yuh a who Bruce Lee Gal?
Machine lethal Coppa shot it lethal
Rept x1

Verse 1:
Wid yuh A.K!!Macrh out 1,2 1,2
Squeeze Triggga 1,2 1,2 Pon 2
Wi nuh study kung fu like who John Woo
Shot Dismantle the one Andrew
When mi a Trample Yuh head wha wi shub one Through
Blood wash head like Shampoo
Shot fit head like Ban-doo
A nuh computer war,cyaan copy,paste nor Undo
Tell yuh wha mi can do
Rise up the rass clawt gun wid the clip whey long like bamboo
Grenade a bomb 2 bomb few
A nuh mission impossible no!mi a nuh tom cruise

Verse 2:
Attention!! Salute the Eagle Pon Sight
Mi a trod mi nuh left it one side
If yuh violate,capture dem hands tied
Head dig off like landslide,brain out pon wrong side
March out wid di bomb in my hand
Yea! A-1 Jon in my hand
Buss It!! Head spin like a standing fan
Icon clap it head float like a Badmington
Whey shot landing from? Where!!!
Redhills Road,Crasha Park,who, Addington
Talls Pen,who,Arlington,Clap Carlington
Drive By inna di war lincoln
After mi rise up all ingram,But
Use di telescope,scope dem from like say a long distance yuh calling from
Same riffle yuh get from North England
Whey slam dunk bwoy head like a Spawling Jam..