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There was the time
When every night
you showed your love to me
But then you walked out,
Leaving me so blue
It took a while for me to find
That you had someone new
Was it worth it to break my heart in two

“Stay; don't leave me here this way
Every hour, every day
I'm so in love with you (I'm so in love with you)
So stay, I know you feel the pain
After sun there must be rain
But our love is always true”

Lost or gone
you said you're wrong
I took you back to me
I know that we just had to let it be
The time went by
No tears, no cry
Just love that makes us strong
But now you say you need to be in love


Now hold on
Don't turn your back on me
You'll see, you can always count on me

I feel it, together
We'd better show let our love shine trough
What is so much more than two?