Los Lonely Boys

Staying With Me

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If I told you I loved you would you walk away I'm not trying to fool you theres no playing games your tired of being alone tho I feel the same oh maybe falling in love will take away your pain

So I have to say (i have to say)
That I really love you (i really love you)
Don't be afraid (don't be afraid)
I just wanna know (just wanna know)
If your staying with me

O I can take you away to places out of this world all I need is the time of day to make your dreams for real take a chance on love I'm gonna do the same oh we're two hearts of a kind we're gonna have it made

[Chorus: x2]

Whoa don't go running away like you have before
Oh all your wildest dreams are just beyond the door

[Chorus: x2]

Are you staying with me
Stay with me baby
Stay with me babe
Stay with me baby
Stay with me baby

Writer/s: Henry Garza / JoJo Garza / Ringo Garza