The Crabb Family

Still Holding On

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People said I'd never make it
they said I'd never see it through
but they don't know what keeps me going
I guess they never have met you
my life was in shambles
until the day you came along
you turned my tears into laughter
Lord you gave me a brand new song


I'm still holding on
Lord I'll never let you go
You gave me a smile
You touched my heart you touched my soul
and the bridges that's behind me
Lord I burn them to the ground
I'm still holding on
to the best thing I ever found

Voted likely not to prosper
was left hanging 'ore my head
you'll never count for nothing
that's what most people said
I've been known to be unsettled
I never stayed around too long
but Lord you're the treasure I've been searching for
and Lord I'm still holding on

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