Musiq Soulchild

Stop Playin'

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We've been chillin together for a while
And I'm findin it hard to figure u out
See 'cause I can't tell if you wanna be my girl
Or just cool
First u catch an attitude when my phone goes off
Sometimes u act like u don't care at all
Things that u say and do leaves me so confused
When u know I'm feelin u


Won't u quit playin baby
Why you gone front
Won't u just say it
Say what u really want
If u ain't wit it just stop
Leadin me oh-oh-o...n

I don't meant to pressure u baby
But u really need to make up your mind
Let me know what you really want and stop wastin
Wastin my time
'Cause on the real (the real) real (fo real)
I could be out and find someone who's
Down wit what I'm about
Instead I'm waitin on you to decide if I'm
The one that u want in your life

Chorus (3x)


Hey baby tell me why must u treat me this way
How about u come on and stop playin these games
Let me know what it is u really wanna do
So I can know how I should feel when I'm dealin wit you