Take Me Back

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I talk of six while forgetting five
Can't even taste if my food's alive
I'm watching music that I can't hear
Staring down some invisible fear

And once again the question's asked
I answer yes! But the moment's passed
I'm guess I'm always tomorrow-bound
How many more till I'm underground?

Oh, oh, I remember now
Too far below to turn around
Too bright a light to let go now
Take me back my friend
Take me back back on home

Now what I'm saying is nothing new
This repetition's right on cue
A wise man said you're amused to death
Too much talk too much wasted breath

You're overjoyed and over-fed
Over-sexed you're almost dead
Gotta work gotta stay awake
God I'm tired can I take a break

Writer/s: Johnny Kongos