Divine Empire

Storm Of Hatred

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Veteran assassin
Armed for sucess
Bounty his mission
By bullets you'll be blessed

Disguised to invade
Ethnic penetration
Dismantle security
Fighting them to the death

Forced elimination
Wanted dead not alive
You've been warned no second chance
Its time for you to die

Ambush foreign land
Justice will not fail
First death now arrives
Culture shock painting fear

Combat infantry
Battleground soaked in blood
Front line assembly
All you can do is pray

Reawakened nightmares told
Fear comes rushing back twi-fold
First war of this century
Headed for World War III

Life has changed, its just not fair
Hope our children will be spared
Death is certain, so damn real
Can't stand this pain I feel

Writer/s: Jason Blachowicz / John Paul Soars

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