Straight Edge

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Straight edge is the weapon in the war for the survival of race.
Loyalty until death to this cruel and right fight.
Save yourself, white Aryan; don't lose the stock of health without a use,
They are needed to you for the victory in coming RaHoWa.

Let alcohol and drugs kill only blacks,
There are only two ways ahead, be able to make the right choice.
How many fortunes are broken around and souls are devastated by the vice,
Bad habits, becoming a sickness, have already trampled too many worthy men.

Temper the will, train body, keep blood pure, be honest and firm,
Stand until the end for the common cause; get out from the way, multiracial scum!
Educate character with abstention from poison, develop mind, and control your brains,
Show firmness in achieving the goal; blood, sweat, but no tears!

In the modern world, where Europeans are getting less numerous,
The life of each is the property of the whole folk.
Defend those who are weak: elders, children, women,
Stop the genocide that becomes stronger from year to year.

You were born to rule, not to lay in filth under a fence,
Going down to the bottom, think, will you able to rise?
Hardships and troubles are a cruel selection,
Try not to lose this battle against the enemy reality.

The society gives people tools for a suicide,
The prison of drugs' illusions is a dead end, let blacks die.
Let their liver will be eaten by alcohol
And the ropes of smoke press bronchi and throat.

Instead of shit in lungs, there's a place for fresh air,
Organism isn't sick, there's no decease,
In the hour, you're ready to fight at a first call,
To destroy rebel slaves of the highest race.


The positive youth is a worthy alternative to the zombied generation, whose mind was formed by the capitalistic system of false valuables.
The drawn on a hand cross is a symbol of total refuse from using things that hurt immunity and help to destroy the Aryan humanity.
Straight edge is the path into a new better tomorrow; where a person will not need unnatural will to go away from the problems of present regularly by using different drugs.
The gradual slow suicide is exactly the process, to which you are following using because of one or another causes things we call drugs.
Refuse from them before it is not too late!

The spirits of fallen comrades fly down from the sky,
Their painful groan sounds across the land.
Under the heavy spear the devil is twisting
And it must be solved - him or you.

Don't kill yourself - stay healthy and loyal to the cause,
Don't kill yourself - once ZOG will pay for everything,
Don't kill yourself - prepare your body for tests,
Courage, bravery, firmness; be strong as a steel wall!