Macy Gray

Strange Behavior

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This is the story,
About two people
In love.

We were happily married,
Until he waved a gun at me.
I said whats with all your strange behavior.

He said I love you baby
But you got a big insurance policy
And I really
Need the paper.

Strange behavior by the sea. (se-e-e)
He'd be here
But he's deceased
Strange behavior

I had a big insurance policy
And he had a big insurance policy,

I said baby if you get a job
You would not have to shoot me now.
He said Oh My God Your such a hata.
But then he chickened out,
I took the gun and shot him down
Cuz I really need the papa.


What was I to do
Sometimes its me or you
I swear that I loved you baby
All I have to say so
I say so
Cuz Im rich now


Drove his body to the sea
I kissed him on his cold cheek
I said I guess I see you later

And the people all asking me
I say he'd be here but he deceased

Then I go and spend my papa-a
Oh oh oh


He'd be here
He'd be here

He's dead!

Writer/s: Caleb Speir / Mike Farrell / Mike Shapiro