Stranger, But Mine

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Well stranger,
I know nothing.
I better take a time at this time.
I know you said, but I'm sorry.
I want to work it out.
All my friends are also your friends.
And that makes you less a stranger.
And your name,
I've hearded it somewhere,
but I still want to work it out.
With all do respect, your kisses make me mad.
But don't worry,
I'll keep my eyes on you.
Why is this so weird,
I feel I've known you for years.
You can sleep,
I'll just keep my eyes on you.
I'm already glad that I met you.
I like to see life from your eyes.
Doesn't matter what awaits us.
I will deal with that surprise.
Even though I know you have a lot in your mind, the future, the pass and the planes you might fly.
I just want to tell you, that this love is true.
You're a stranger, but you're mine.

Writer/s: Tie