From Autumn To Ashes


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I see an empty space next to the yellow bumble bee,
That could be the perfect place to park my broken down ten-speed,
Just tell me when you get off work and where you'd like to meet,
Then we can peddle up and down the crowded New York streets.

My shoes are worn out because the brakes don't function,
I just put my feet down and let them drag on the pavement.

When our legs get tired you can pick a spot to eat.
Evelyn's so elegant and Nikolai's right by her side.

Under one umbrella, just talking and joking,
And I knew that I would love you, for as long as you'd let me.

And I haven't caught my breath since the moment that we met.

We can be alone and not feel lonely.
I've been drawing these robots with the pen you sent me.

Writer/s: Francis Mark / From Autumn to Ashes

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