Action Bronson

Strictly 4 My Jeeps

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Better slow down baby
I'm out here wildin'
Better slow down baby
Shit is crazy
You need to slow down baby
My whole team cash and load out baby
I'm a hero in my home town, baby
Stop talking, just go down, baby

Shit on my chest, shoot colors like a care bear
All year see me tan, hopping out the van
You wasn't there, now you tryna show face
Fuck around, be a cold case
Chrome skates on an old day
Remote control chains, promote dough for the veins
Poke chicks, hoes with vogue legs
Eat steaks off a cold plate, stoned listening to Cold Play

Long knife, by the spinal built like a rhino
Push the 635 to the finals
Pearl white like what you sniffin' in your sinus
The finest vaginas demolished by my dick
One year from Queens to the top
Cream of the crop Serve a fiend out my sock

Five minutes till they lean like the drop
Now they spinning through the furnace like the scene from The Rock
Hide spinach like a doomsday prepper
Every Sunday in my Tuesday leather
Now my beard look like Uday and Qusay
Play the pool on a cool day

A lot of people with their hands out now
Got these motherfuckers mad 'cause I'm a stand out now
You never let the hammer off, you got the soft hands
I hear you singing for the boss man
I'm from a lost land, spill coke on the heater
Drop a little sauce on the beater
Zero to 60 in a Porsche like a cheetah

New York I'm like Jeter, light Caesar
No hypebeaster, rock a nice sneaker
You get drugs for a good price
My price cheaper, guaranteed
My trunk snapping like a tambourine
Bodying these pussies with a camera team

Uh! You better slow down, baby
Uh! You better slow down, baby
Uh! You better slow down, baby
You better slow down, baby
You need to slow down baby
I'm a hero in my home town, baby

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