Simon Says

Striking Out a Single Note for Love

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[Sir Simon le Meurdre of Telecom Enterprises Ltd is looking out over Big City from his penthouse luxury, whilst sexually served by two big-boobed blondes in black and blue blouses.]

[Sir Simon:]
So dedicated, articulated
To the top floor elevated
By definition I'm decision
Full of focus and precision

[Blonde #1:]
Striking out a single note for love

[Sir Simon:]
Come, share the communion
That makes me the chosen son
Come taste the promise I sell to you
Raindrops may keep falling
But only on frozen ones
Eyes turning grey and their faces blue

[Sir Simon, staring into the bathroom mirror, masturbating:]
All these notions like explosions
Set my wheels in constant motion
So derating and so debating
Ejaculating I am stating I'm

[Blonde #2:]
Striking out a single note for love

[Sir Simon, pulling trousers on:]
Suddenly the earth cracks
And sucks me deep down the drain
Darkness around me I cry insane
Time is moving faster, hours turn into days
Then I'm spat out on the road again

[Sir Simon le Meurdre trots down on a rugged road below a rubbled slope. Suddenly he hears a rumble from above and realizes he is in great danger - huge blocks of stone tumble towards him. He flees down the hill, chased by the rolling rocks. From a gate beside the road figures emerge, dressed in colourful clothes. One of them walks towards Simon. The slide comes to a rest.]

Then everything was quiet
Everything was calm
And a man came forth, he was three feet tall
He kept clinging to my arm, and he said

[The Midget Scarecrow rubbing his beard against Sir Simon's cheek:]
Come on now and show me
That you're something else than bad
You, who left your life and pride behind
Yes, everything you had

[As Simon tries to find the words he fails and wails in pain and the Midget Scarecrow presents The Mirror of Truth. Dazed and confused, Simon sees the face of a clown looking back at him. Then he discovers the oversized brown shoes on his feet, and stumbles through the gate, falling down on foul-smelling hay. The main attraction of the circus.]

[Years later, Simon is walking the tightrope with a wooden staff in his hands. The audience holds it's breath in anticipation, waiting - as usual - for Simon to loose his balance and drop into the elephant-dropping hay.]

The man had gone away
I had nothing left to say
Was this just a dream that didn't fit the scheme?
Where did I go wrong?
Where did my soul belong?

[The Murderer, waiting on a platform at the other end of the rope:]
Living is a tightrope walk that leads into the grave
Nothing left to give
Nothing left to save
Spirits come and spirits go as destiny wants them to
All is preordained
Nothing's ever new

[Simon, almost loosing his balance when he sees the veiled figure:]
I just sat down and thought
Of the lesson I was taught
Was this just a dream cracking at the seam?
Should I turn away from the path I walk today?

[The Scarecrow, taking the Murderer's place, throwing Simon the Scriptures:]
Living is a tightrope walk that leads into the grave
Nothing left to give
Nothing left to save
Spirits come and spirits go as destiny wants them to
All is preordained
Nothing's ever new
Then the circus comes again
And brings you to the start
Giving you a soul and the beating of your heart
Your heart

[The Scarecrow disappears in a flash of light and Simon falls down in the hay. The audience bursts with laughter and only the animal excrements seem to hear his words.]

Times have now fled, but the memory's young
Of the little man ending my calm
And though I was hurt
I know that he meant me no harm
For now I'm much older
Not wiser, but colder
I caught a short glimpse of the dove
I once thought I knew
My god
Who is striking out a single note for love?

[The parade begins, with Simon in the center. More and more circus artists dance around him, mocking. Simon begs for mercy through the chaos, but noone listens. Eventually they leave.]