Lower Than Atlantis

Taping Songs Off The Radio

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I've been collecting music for so long, today I turned on my laptop and it's all gone.
I opened my iTunes and it's bare, I can't find the albums I downloaded anywhere.

Karma payback for not paying for these tracks
but I'd pay every penny just to have them back,
And Blogspot, she was my girlfriend,
Caught her cheating on me with Last FM.

I'm searching through my Recycle Bin
For some Jimmy Eat World, some Go It Alone, some anything.
But it's empty to my despair,
Full of photos from old shows and scene girls in their underwear.

Hell no, now I'm taping songs off the radio.
How retro? I take my Walkman with me everywhere I go.

Writer/s: Lower Than Atlantis / Michael Duce

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