Stuck Up Bitch

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Now When I Based Freestyle. I had to make
Sure I tell stories. & some times as dudes

We all in-counters that stuck girl
And you wonder why she act like that

You fell like
You Stuck up bitch

You get what I mean. it's like
Who the fuck are you

I'm a based boy. you know what I mean.
Basednine., basedgod, basedlord, pro based.

I'm out here.
I had to tell a story about a stuck up bitch

Based freestyle about her.
[laugh] (Yeahhh) it your boy Lil B

(Yesss- ss- ss)
(Life Music)

She's a stuck up ass bitch
Everybody hates her for one reason.

I don't Know
(Fuck it)

She always fucking playing games.
(Fucking) acting like she so cool.

Wtf do you think you are bitch
(I don't give A Fuck)

I Said Hello
And your trying to act like I didn't even say nothing

Bitch I said something, Bitch I'm the fucking man
Bitch look at my face, bitch I; m a hundred grand

I'm looking like a million dollars,
And I still don't see why your not gone holla

Wtf you stuck up bitch.
Or maybe you have a boyfriend or maybe you have a husband.

But you can tell me. (UH HUH) don't just look at me bitch
(I'm not play don't - look at me bitch

If you don't want to get address, because I will address.
(And write down your address) haha... Yeahhhh

Stuck up bitch.
[x3:] (Yessir yes, she a stuck up bitch

[x4:] Stuck up hoes,

[x2:] (Yes (UMM) sir, she a stuck up bitch)

Omg, wtf are you doing you hating on everyone bitch
You IN the club. Thinking your the finest bitch out

But you a slut bitch
Yessir, I don't give a fuck

I said this I don't give a fuck
If you don't say anything, (I Don't Give a F U C K (Yepppppp).

Your a stuck up girl. Acting like your the coolest thing in the world
Bitch but your kinda something like of the bottom of my shoe

I'm just playing? Ha
But no I'm not, I can't even lie bitch your the shit bitch

Positive but your the shit bitch (Yepppp.)
Bitch and don't not talk 2 me.

And if you look at me. When I look at you- B I T C H
It's (obvious) that we - have a Rap port.

That Establish connection, And other direction
Will lead too others insection, Sexing but I don't want too talk that message

Just let me chill, set back, and expose the blessing
On ya bitches, and yes I'm a leash, I will fuck your bitch, where the beach

Yeahh, stuck up bitch, (she a stuck up bitch) yessir mhmm. (she a stuck up bitch
[x4] Omg she a stuck up brode

[x2] stuck up bitch, wtf stuck up bitch, you a stuck bitch, ahh stuck up bitch, omg your a stuck up Bitchhhhh!
Unn. wtf your trouble bitch. I said Hello. Hello, I said Hello. (Bitch I'm not weak Like J E L L O)

She a stuck up bitch bruhh. -but it cool you feel me... I like that shit...
Cause them bitchesssss... When you end up hiting that later on... you feel me... that gives you that movation to just really (ummm) put your dick in there MOuTH

[Laughing] ahahaahahhahha cause then the stuck up bitch end up fucking with you
Yeppp Lil B