Tim Be Told


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Verse 1
I used to be the one
who knew what was real
what's logical practical knowing where I should go
I used to be the one
whose sound advice was all he had
I used to have all the answers
and now I don't know why

Chorus 1
I'm acting stupid out of my mind
I must be crazy
to give it away so easily
somebody save me
I need some sanity some kind of clarity emotion therapy
get out of my head tell me no or yea
I'm tired of maybe

Verse 2
I thought you were the one
who made it all seem real
your words of affection
you spoke of perfection with me
I thought this was the time
that this was meant to be
I need to know what's your answer
the indecision's killing me

The simple problems I could solve in my head
are taking me over and putting me over the edge
some kind of logic would help me keep inside
the feelings you give me I'm finally losing my mind

Writer/s: Tim Ouyang