Subsession / Once Again It Failed

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dripping blood as violent rages on, engulfing our soils - death is here,
ringing fatality of civilization - massacre,
the murders at random, in
attempted genocide - thousand years of social paralysis, fathomless irony
- humankind in conflicting nature, the beauty and the beast - death to
bringing fatality to civilization - ideologies and social systems
based on human theories - so basicaly we're all into products of our
corrupted brains! - deep in the void of our hollow hearts - is there any
space left for souls to rest?
- deep in the void of our wounded minds - is
there any chance left for souls to live?
- "no time to clean your bloody
hands, the stains are there in your own blood!"
- many years we've tried
to look ahead and find some solutions
- but once again they fail
miserably, yet life is still going on
- is there any space left for souls
to rest?

Writer/s: JEFF