Sugar Daddy

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The plantations in ex-colonial governmant land where 'Empire Made' had given way, with the years, to the more subtle multinational approach.
Now look, first we forget the tueweekie beans and scrap these little plots here. And we can take a road right through and start planting sugar cane all the way up to that hillside.
But what are we gonna eat, boss?
Ah, you'll think of something. I mean, when we cut that forest down there, within a year or two we can double the size of the plantation.
But we can't just live off sugar daddy?
'Course you can. I mean back home where I come from the folks live off the stuff.
But boss, we can't afford Coca Cola, never mind all this fancy processing biz.
Well look, no, look. Think of it as in investment, cash crops, you see. You grow the sugar, we send it to the dear old folks back home. Who come up with the readdies, and we give you some bread on the deal.
But boss, there's people starving to death out here.
Well, between me and you nigger boy, there's too many of 'em anyway.

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