Twilight Ophera

Sulphur Spiral

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Sulphur Spiral
Fall down the sulphur spirals
Where wailing breath blows
Grinds flesh from your bones
Scorch pleads from deathroes

Blindness be with thee
Blindness deceived sweet conceit sacrificed
How she wept her wasted black seed
With nails, needles, screams
She clawed through dreams
Let the darkness in, all shimmering shades
So frail and dim, her light is drowning

Fall... and never seize the will
Never scrape a mark never leave recall

Down the drain, sail sewers of flesh
Down the drain bleed

Inhale stormclouds, pyres filthborn
Veins foster thorns and cries that could not form

Fall... and never wake it true
Never slay the offal hope, as others fall with you

Enslave the soul (to) every lust and need
Boil in foul, grim to secret

Fall... and never slice the cords
Never meet the ground never sight skywards

Wingless born wretched and the weak
Trampled beneath scorn with legaly of meek

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