Summers Rain

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Standing alone in a dream
Where nothing is real
But oh how real it feels
There were times I lost my way
I was alone, lost in a haze
Where are you now
Ill find you somehow
Chorus :
And do I stand alone
Like a fool out in the rain
Hanging on somehow
To an ancient vow
Where there's nothing left to gain
And do you know
How it feels inside
To be all alone
A fool and his pride
Scars are the wounds that we show
Time only heals
If you're letting go
Many right Id lay awake
Tossing and turning till daybreak
Where are you now
Ill find you somehow
Repeat Chorus
In a summers rain (4 times)
Sometimes you got to believe
Beyond yesterday
I'm gonna find my way
In the summers rain

Writer/s: Criss Oliva / Jon Oliva / Paul O'Neill

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