Nipsey Hussle

Summertime In That Cutlass

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Some la shit
Crenshaw and slauson
Young niggas getting money for real this time

Summertime in that cutlass
All these young hoes is fuckin
All these young niggas is hustling
Pull up thick to that function
Pull out guns and start bussin
Cause niggas not with no fussin
Roll up kush and shoot hunnids
And take yo bitch like it's nothing
We was living fast we was rushin
Niggas burnt and crashed on that dumb shit

And it's fuckin sad cause we was brothers
Had to learn so fast to switch hustles
And my bag, that's $1200
And my fucking pad is illustrious
And I'd still kill one of you niggas
Cause I'm not really for the fuck shit
And we was raised around hustlers
Rolex chains and k's bussin

Super sports and boxed cutlass
And pull off fast and burn rubber
Pull out cash like it's nothing
Cause all these young niggas is hustling
All these young hoes his fuckin
Summertime in that cutlass
Summertime in that cutlass

Summertime in that cutlass
Roll up flight then get blunted
Thousand grams in that cupboard
If the police raid then we flush it
Murder case with no suspects
And all these niggas done got bussed at
All these niggas they went and bussed back
Make it hard to tell which one of us done what

As some young niggas we ain't want much
But if we was gone have it, it was on us
Handouts it was no such
Ten toes in some old chucks
Beat loud but I'm lowcut
European clip grill when I roll up
Oh fat rollie all gold huh?
Lemon sqeeze ten shots that'd be yo luck
Look, talk money or I'm deaf
See niggas going broke that ain't nothing to respect

And I ain't tryna feel it so I do it to the death
1985 Cutdawg in the set
When I was fuckin courtney and lauren
They was neighbors
And car-car told both of em she was hatin
But I ain't give a fuck, I been a young player
Push foreign shit now but remember them
Days when I used to spend a

Summertime in that cutlass

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