Malignant Tumour

Superhuman Comeback

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I am back here with my ancient one's
You missed them for last twenty years
I am gonna sell you the same old shit
What makes your pocket fucking free

I've missed the scene and all my fans
That's what I am talking to the press
After a little war for nonsense
I am accepted with my new old dress

Overcowded by all my agents
Who makes a money for my needs
I wouldn't let myself be stopped
Cause I know you're pay for to see me

I am letting out my record company
Doing this fucking filthy attack
I need you to pray for my succes
'cause I am here to comeback

Superhuman Comeback Ministry of fools
Superhuman Comeback Music bussines tools
let the music do the talking, alright

Receive again my superband
No longer in the underground
Cause we did nothing for the ages
Now we have fame and certain fun

One day you'll be kick out again
And it isn't that far away
Your band will haven't name in press
You'll have tomb without the name

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