Sweet Aloha

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When you left this town so long ago
You said you need some change to heal your soul
So you found a lava rock and rolling waves
It was a good time but bittersweet
You were glad to go but sad to leave
Said goodbye on our street that summer day
Yeah following your heart was nice
A little piece of paradise for a little while
But now that heart is pulling you
It wants you to return to a familiar style

You said you'd had enough
And your adventure's through
You need the ones you love
And they need you too

So welcome back to your start
As you arrive you depart
Back to the home of your heart
Sweet aloha
Into the arms open wide
Here you have nothing to hide
And we will sing side by side
Sweet aloha

You say the rhyme and reason for your plan
Is that you don't want to be a sad old man
Sitting 'round thinking that you missed your chance for the best things
It's not what you have it's how you live
It's not where you are but who you share it with
And now you've found someone that you can give the real thing
Yeah, following your heart was good
But sometimes the old neighborhood can be paradise
When nothing's ventured, nothing's gained
You healed your soul and came back again
You've been blessed twice

You said you'd had enough, and your adventure's through
You need the ones you love, and oh, they need you too


Writer/s: Mark Lennon / Michael Lennon