Sweet Jose Kills Me

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Real love thrills me
Sweet jose kills me

Silent song i did try
Understand her but then to die
Silent song silent jose
Love is only a dying rose

Your love is a dead thing baby
My only pain

Real love thrills me
Sweet jose kills me
My pain fills me
Sweet black jose

All alone now i'm safe
Im alive but im not ok
Silent scream now they hear
I cant handle my only fear

But now is my new age
Its time to change
What i've become

Lets end this song right here
My only fear my only tear

This is the new part

Please die silent song inside of me
We are not what we could be
A dying rose is all i need

Save me heavenly from what she done
Now i live when you are gone
Yeah dying rose you made this song

Sweet jose killed me
Sweet jose killed me
My pain filled me
Black jose killed me

Sweet jose kills me
Die silent song
Sileng song
Your love is dead
Dying rose
Fuck you goodnight

Writer/s: Patrick Marquardt