Irving Berlin

Sweet Marie, Make-A Rag-A-Time Dance Wid Me

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[1st verse:]
Lissa to the sweet-a rag-a time
Ain't it nunga make you feel-a fine?
Ev'rybody dance, sleep-a like-a trance
Keep-a steady, get-a ready
One, two three Kid!
What's-a matta you no look-a wise?
Get-a busy, make-a goo goo eyes
Nunga make-a fake, just-a shake-a shake
Make-a jealous for the other guys

Sweet Marie
Make-a rag-a-time-a dance wid me?
Take a steam-a boat to Italy
On the rag-a line
Hey you wop-a, nunga stop-a
Kiss-a Tony, call 'em pop-a
One, two, three
I'm-a feel-a like-a "Hully Gee"
Come dance rag time wid me
Oh, my sweet-a Marie

[2nd verse:]
What's-a matta you no wanna dance?
Nunga feel afraid to take a chance
Ev'rybody look, shout-a, "Get da hook!"
I'm-a sad-a feel-a bad-a
Shake you'self Kid!
If you love-a Tony nice-a fine
Make-a noise-a like-a rag-a time
Hurry up-a quick, nunga take a week
If you nunga wanna never mind

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