Acid Witch

The Black Witch

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Salem 1962
Where 20 Witches Hanged
Sleepy Village Gripped By Satan
The Devils Holding Sway

Tituba, The Black Witch
Slave of The Night
Possessing The Minds of the Puritan White
Casting Her Spells of African
Learned in the Rites
Voodoo of the Ancient Macumba...
The Reverends Daughters Howled and Spit

They Clearly are Bewitched
Witch Hunt Bloodlust For The General
Nubian Priestess Kept Inquisit In Bondage
The Cross of the Reverend Torments Her
For Freedom and Vengeance Her Plot Has Been Laid
To Madness!

White Flesh for the Devil
Black Demons Dance In The Minds
Of The Children
Townspeople Panic and Charge Their
Own Kin...

Crones Dragged
Cut To Be Hung On The
Into Cursed Ruin Salem Was Swallowed!!

Writer/s: Acid Witch