Saint Etienne

The Boy Scouts of America

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Like a birthday card / from a previous year, /
The weather in chayco / is sparkling and clear. /
The girl lies in bed, / the boy sits in the yard. /
He wants to talk sleep / but he has to keep guard. /

She stirs from her sleep / and she calls for a beer; /
He knows there are none / and pretends not to hear. /
She hears his breath / like she's heard it before. /
She cuddles her sheets / as he slips out the door. /

God had derailed / the lonestar train /
That can take her away / from sadness and pain. /
He acts like a saint / but the strain really shows; /
The boy scouts of america / taught him all that he knows.

Writer/s: Bob Stanley / Pete Wiggs

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