Liz Phair

Take a Look

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I don't know what you're after
Wanna know all the details of my disaster
Like an accident on the side of the road
When you're driving past slow but there's nothing to see here

Wanna take a look, take a look [Repeat: x4]

I'm some kind of freak now and
You'll never see me the same
What's all the fuss about?
Are you sure you wanna find out?
Cause once you know the truth
You might wish you'd walked away


What if I'm not able
To put my cards on the table?
And would it liberate you
If you knew what I knew?

It's been over a year now and
I never saw him again
The facts and the fiction
Collide as the bodies untangle
And the traffic moves on like it did

[Chorus: x2]

Writer/s: Liz Phair