Team Dresch

The Council

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The council less rated clean intent i'll trade you
The first one called
The last one picked
You'll suave fast
But you'll miss whose traction trains slipping
Your tractions aims slipping
The first one called the last one picked
A hunger for continuity
Am i next
Let's meet there
Between the core and the mantel
The last
Is it fine?
It's ok
It's inaudible
It gets through sometimes
Is it fine?
It's ok
Am i butch or femme?
Can i register?
I hear all the things they say about me
I hear all the things
I wonder how they know all these things i don't know about me
If you know so much would you mind sharing it please?

Writer/s: Donna Dresch / Jody Elizabeth Bleyle / Kaia Lynn Wilson / Melissa Jane York / Team Dresch