Little Feat

Takin' My Time

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I'm Just Takin' My Time So Please Don't Rush Me
I Gotta Sort Out Some Things I Didn't Know Existed
I've Been Here Before I Know Where the Traps Lie
I Can Only Take What's There 'cause the Rest Doesn't Matter

I'm Tired of Talk So Please Don't Rush Me
You Know I Want the Same Things That You Do
You're Wastin' Your Time the Way You Come On to Me
Slow Down Your Rhymes and Try to Reason

You Can't Make Things Move Any Faster
By Second-wishing Them to Death
You Seem to Be Living On a Level That's Decent Enough
You Got What You Wanted So Why Do You Tell Me
I'm On the Wrong Track
I'm Doing the Best I Can Do

Why Try to Out-guess a Situation
That I Know You're Not Even Fully Aware of
I Want You to Know That If It Keeps On This Way
I Can't Keep On Letting You Bring Me Down

Writer/s: Bill Payne