Sham Rain

The Empty Flow

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this garden will never bloom
the moments that shone are far
this ocean no longer blue
conceals all beauty
drowns us in gloom

pale ghosts in the shadows
dead faces in the water
barren spaces left behind
melt into waves
in the empty flow
everlasting stains
a quiet solitude
tension wanes within
i am as empty as the ocean

the promises i made for you
part from the seams too soon
pipe-dreams torn apart
slowly pass on
vanish for good
vanish for good

the world is tranquil now
close your weary eyes
let sleep wash away
this desolate reality
tell you a fairy tale
tell realities apart

this is our haven
within this quiet room
you'll be safe
until the dreams escape
the dreams always escape

am i still alive?

Writer/s: Sham Rain