Eternal Tears of Sorrow

Tar Still Flows

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A growing tension between us
Never letting you rest
Running blindly to the point
Just to be the best

This event only tears you down
Can't you feel the blade?
You're filled with fear, stress and pain
While my strength is HATE!

Every round is beating you
Back deeper into your pit
Can't you see the facts of the life,
Which ain't that hard to admit?

As you raise your fist to fight
It'll loose the stream to flow
It drowns you by the tar of hate
You're the constant number TWO!

Remember, it is up to you
To continue this race
Just those words for giving up
I'm the ruler of this game

It's not a shame to lose the day
If your enemy is stronger
But it is foolishness trying to beat
The tar black stream of Chaos

Writer/s: Petri Sankala

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