Bryan Ferry


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Take me to the other side of town
Just as fast you can

Before my baby puts me down
Now please, won't you hurry
See, she's got me worried
Don't want to lose her love
Cross town is too slow
Hitchhike into no no
She's all I'm thinking of.

Got some catching up to do

Like a fool I broke her heart in two
And start your meter running
Get your engine humming
Just wanna see her
Just wanna see her
Get along the meddle
Tonight I'm gonna settle
Had a seizure
And I know it grieves her

Take me to my baby's place just as fast you can

You got to get me there on time
Freeway will be quicker
No man's gonna get her
I'm going out of my mind
She is why I'm living
This is why I'm willing
Jumping red lights, stop signs
Just get me there on time

Writer/s: Charles Brooks / Homer Banks

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