Maestro Fresh Wes

Tear It Up

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[LTD] Yo Maestro, let's go. You ready man?
[Maestro Fresh Wes] Yeah, yeah, yeah. I'm ready
[L] Yo, let's trash it up man. Show all these suckers what time
it is
[M] Aight
[L] You know what I'm sayin', word. So here it is
[M] Let's get it over with
[L] Tear it up now

[Maestro Fresh Wes]
Rolling, strolling, rockin' and rollin'
One hundred dollar bills I'm unfolding
Crowds are controling
Lyrics are golden, yes the beats dope
But nope it's not stolen
Words are forbidden, no I ain't kidding
Check any damsel, Maestro is ridden
'Nuff ammunition, capable precision
Kill competition, like a religion
MCs I'm cussing, they ain't nothing
Egos I'm crushing, asses I'm busting
Fly girls I rack, skeezos I slap them
Sucker I jack up, I don't rap up

I tear it up!

Thy kingdom come, thy will be done
Too late to run, Maestro is one
You're no ruler to me
You're more like a liar
You're just a squire handing out flyers
I am much higher, you're a low bidder
Wes pulls a trigger your get rigger
Nigga, LTD's an outstander
MC Fresh Wes, a MC commander
Goto my show because I said so
I'm a pimp and the crowd is one big, (HO)
Viper, sniper, rhythmn rap writer
I hold the mic you're Rowdy like Piper
Hyperactive your rap is wack kid
Don't even breath or I'll Rip like Jack did
Helter Skelter, deep belts a serious cut
My boys are ice melters
Well respected, dame's interested
Bulls in bank, invested

I tear it up!

Hi, why, brother that's dry
Drug free body and my rhymes are fly
You cuss, dis, lyrics are stiff
I smoke your ass like smoking a spliff
Won't cease my mic is my piece
Use of the alter with the high priest
Beast, bleak, your record is weak
We bought to break it on the concrete
I disregard it, LTD barred it
We holds the mic, you're a target

I tear it up!

Party's packed, B-boys jumping
Dames in the back, bumpin'
Beats go boom, the sound's in tune
Like hast to Calhoun, we rock the room
Pay's low, fortress of mold
The frenzy will grow because I said so
So, hell no this is def
Hands be swinging from right to left
Fresh Wes, is in the flesh
LTD's on the set and it became blessed
Wine, grind 'til the sunshine

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