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Growin' up in broken homes, you find yourself at ten years old
Runnin' drag and startin' fights
But minors hide behind their rights
Start slow with beer and pot
But soon you're bored with what you've got
Try some dope at first for kicks
You'd promised that you'd never fix
Fade away from the path you choose
You stuck your arm
Started to LOSE
Surround yourself with pain and strife
A downward spiral is your life
Some years later your life's a shell
Still locked inside this living HELL
Only to cope you leave your house
Now meet the cops your luck's run out
You got no love end up in jail
A few more beefs a five year tail
Prison term before too long

Your number's up and now you are GONE (and thrown away the key)
Jails, institutions and DEATH (think I'm fucking kidding?)

Now it feels just like a dream
But it's not what it seems
Gotta block out the screams
I'm too tired to defend bring my life to an end
This I can't comprehend, but it's coming
Now the needle's in my neck
I know that mine is not the only life I've wrecked
Now that I know the battle can't be won
Selfishness weighs a ton, lookin' out for