4th Disciple

Tell Me That You Want It

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Chorus One: (Onome)

Tell me that you want it
Say that you need it
Tell me that you want it
Tell me that you want it
Say that you need it
Tell me that you want it

Verse One: (Markie Dee)

Love, let me break it down as clear as I can
I'll be suddenly smooth so you can understand
I look gentle, gentle as sun rays
Calm as a cool breeze
Flowing through your mind with ease
It seems that you wanna be more than friends
But all I want to do is to make commence
My live style keeps me on the move
So just let me explain how you get in my groove

Chorus One

Verse Two:

It seems you're looking for a faithful
Kind and committed man
And you considered L.D. for the part
Now what makes you think that I'm the man for your hand?
If you plan to reprimand my love and my heart
Now when we first met you were cool
Far from your everyday hoe
That's only out for the doe
But in time you feelings started to climb
Baby came a little stronger then mind

Chorus One

Verse Three:

Far from your typical I never kick the same old smooth kind of line
To catch a young girls mind
See, what I'm saying is real
It really means a lot to me how you feel
No disrespect, but lovers I don't wanna be
All I see is someone I can talk to in front of me
Stop what you're doing
Cause I don't wanna ruin
The bond that we got
Cause I like it a lot
You need a man who can give you his all
Stand by your side, pick you up when you fall
For me I be the one that you rely on
The shoulder that you cry on
Someone that will always be near
Through thick or thin
I'm your friend to the end
You're more that just skins love, you're someone who cares
Sit me down and confide what you're feeling inside
If you need me then call and I'll be at your side

Chorus Two: (Onome)

You just call
I'm your man
And you know, where ever I am
I'll go running
Run in the sea
Winter, Spring, and Summer, Fall I'll be with you

(Repeat Chorus Two 7x)

You just call

You just call

Chorus One And Two