Artifex Pereo

The Pendulum

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Gather the crowd, I've dropped the gavel.
Polish the badges and prepare the gallows.
There will be serenity here.
Let it be known who
led Nathanial to the rope.

Oh son do you realize that you are
only an example for the cowards and the thieves?
Show your heart and swing for me.
I am the power and you are the convenient sheep.
My town is expecting of me like vultures circling their feast.

Oh Nathanial, you have the audience waiting.
Swing like a pendulum for me.
Give up and let go, lead by example,
and swing like a pendulum for me.
Wipe the sin from my hands.
I served the consequence to an innocent man.

Oh son won't you let me sleep tonight?
You've peeled the lids from my eyes and desecrated my pride.

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