Lost Society

Terror Hungry

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I'll fight you 'til the last hit's going and I'll bury you in the sand
I gave you one chance but you said no to my hand
This one time was the last one for me and you didn't get it
I'll find you and remind you of the beast you made and you'll regret it


Terror hungry
Look me in the eyes, you made me
Terror hungry
Terror hungry man without a cause

I got my pride left to give and this is my defense
I'm loud and fast pissed as ever and sure as hell I'm hungry for violence
Face me with my attitude and don't push your luck
My head's glowing red and I got two fists ready to fuck you up!


Throw your gloves in and bitch let's go!

I'm flying through the air, I won't stop now
My time ain't coming soon but your is now
When I'm done with you I need some more
Don't you know that I'm hungry for... Terror!

Look me in the fuckin' eyes, bitch!

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