Manic Movement


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Things are made of thought
Things are really brooding on
What they're made of
Swallow down what they're choking on

Things are fine drawn though often swollen with pain
Searching out the seam makes life worth it's suffering

Things have begun to come apart at these seams
Things that are broken mean so much more to me

These names
From which I fade
I can be larger, a myriad, I wait

Hear my pain
From which I fade
I can be lager, a myriad, I ache

I can be larger, a myriad pieces into which I break

Took my mind away in shame from the understanding we thought we had gained
As we're nowhere near mouthing
(what) the world is made of…
Weld together by
Incompletion and lies
Overlapping the amorphous wonder
Of simply being alive

Please relieve this clasp
This choking thick knot
Of deep-lived emotions
For the like we had even no name

And release this questioning woe
Which answers you know
Always misled by delusions and the such
How did my dear mind cope ?

I can be larger, a myriad, I break……

Held in between all I was…
I have come to realize
That my scorn and my bitterness…
Held me captive all this time
And they build up, they filled up
This hunger deep inside
And they sought, they brought up
A yearning so profound

I never cry
These tears I hold inside
For they tell
The thruth about you and I
In dreams
I asked you to be my bride
So together we could weep
Over the death child you cradle in your arms…

For all I could, all I would
Was swallow down the words that made me realize
That whatever I stuffed up, whatever I crammed up
Within this hole I call myself
Imperfection would always be mine
Humanity's tears I would have to cry

For all it took was to take a look
into the face of the death child she held so tight
And realize the face was mine and they would help me
with the myriad tears I have to cry

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