MC Eiht

Tha Business

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Geah (hey)
Get down like you live, hey, uh
Get down like you live
Uh, we's a gang a player niggas that's out for dough
Gettin money 24

My crew's out to collect nuthin' but major dough
Floss around like kingpins in a rag 5-0
Can't nuthin' touch us - cause we's a
Tight-ass click
Rolex presidential
Filled with diamonds and shit
Who pull the licks straight
Pound after pound since '88
Shoe boxes full with cash meant to stash from the yay'
Federalies can't harm me
Black-ass army in armani
And they still
Can't see me
Cause I'm - paper down
Fiends to keep happy
Never - fuckin frown
Mr. tony the blacker baron
My bitches in g-strings covered by donna caren
Mr. tony never leave ya: bye bye!
Versace suits with the fuckin' collar - butterfly
Cristal everybody drinkin'
Bitches ain't gettin' in if their pussy stinkin'
Check it out

You know tha business, you know tha business
Step back and peep
And say what is this
A gang of player niggas
That's out for dough
Getting money 24
Lil' hawk fo' sho'

Writer/s: A. Tyler