Black Mary


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oh Lord I'm thankful for my blessings
everything that You gave times when danger
was around me my life Lord You saved
where would i be without Your love
where would i be without Your grace
You didn't have to do it but i'm glad You did

cant pretend that what i got i got it on my own
every move that i made cant say i've never been wrong
when i fell You picked me up again though i brought it on myself
i can always depend on You whenever i need help


the next time you fall a spleep and you wake up alright
remember that He kept you safe and warm all through the night
lift your hands, raise em high
and this is what you'll say
Lord You didn't have to give me one more day.


it's plain to see all He's done for me
i thank You for everything
i live my life just so i can
let the world know i am