Jerry Lee Lewis

That Kind Of Fool

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Look at that fool, goin' home to his wife
Look at that fool, he never lies out all night

He doesn't know how it's like to be untrue,
Wish I could have been that kind of fool

Look at that fool, have one drink then go home,
Look at that fool, he's leavin' that woman all alone

Then go home to someone, who loves him true,
Wish ol' Jerry Lee could have been that kind of fool

But I try, I can't do it darling,
Not even for you,
Woman, it's not that Jerry Lee don't love you,
But there's just some things I can't do

Look at that fool, going home to his wife,
Look at that fool, he don't lay out drunk all night

Go on home to somebody, who loves you true
I wish I could have been, that kind of fool
Ol' Jerry Lee should have been that kind of fool

Writer/s: Mack Vickery

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